Afrika Here I Stand: A New Radio Show on Ilanga LabaNtu Online Radio

Ilanga LabaNtu Online Radio is proud to announce the launch of a new radio show called “Afrika Here I Stand.” This show promises to be an enlightening and inspiring journey that will take listeners on a quest to explore the rich history and culture of Africa, and to discover the inherent power and potential of the Black man and woman.

Hosted by Thabiso Mojakisane, an Afrikan warrior from Sharpeville, Gauteng, “Afrika Here I Stand” will air every Sunday from 18:00 – 21:00. This is a show that deals with proven facts of history and reality. Listeners are encouraged to prepare their pens and papers, ask questions, and be prepared for robust debates and discussions.

Re-Creating a New Black Man and Black Woman

Through Black Pan African Consciousness, the show aims to re-create a new Black man and Black woman. Breathing light back into their lives in order for them to come alive, the show aims to help listeners return to their higher and highest consciousness, their former glory. Proud kings and queens, high priests, scholars, shamans, alchemists, architects, engineers, and cosmologists are all part of the rich heritage of Africa.

People We Once Were

The show will delve into the history of Africa and explore the people we once were – children of the sun, people of the light, sons and daughters of the soil. Listeners will learn about the great civilizations of Africa and the contributions that Africans have made to the world. The show will highlight the brilliance of African scientists, mathematicians, artists, and philosophers, and provide a platform for the celebration of Black excellence.

Join the Ilanga LabaNtu Radio Team

Ilanga LabaNtu Radio is still hiring and looking for more broadcasters. If you are interested in joining the team, please visit “” for more information.

“Afrika Here I Stand” is a show that promises to inspire and enlighten listeners about the rich culture and history of Africa. With Thabiso Mojakisane at the helm, listeners can expect a thought-provoking and informative show that will explore the depths of African heritage and the power of the Black man and woman. Tune in every Sunday at 18:00 – 21:00 and be a part of the journey of discovery.

One thought on “Afrika Here I Stand: A New Radio Show on Ilanga LabaNtu Online Radio

  1. The Inaugural Show was a flop, Complete flop in every respect. It was characterised by a series of technical glitches due to human error.
    All problems have been identified, addressed and attended to and the real show is about to begin.
    I’m personally looking forward to it and we can make it up for the last one.
    “Afrika Here I Stand” and I’m still Standing Here.

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