BaNtu Theory of Everything: The Geometric Connection of Spirituality, Waves, and Matter

The BaNtu Theory of Everything is an alternative perspective on the foundations of reality that originate from the African continent. This theory is based on the premise that the entire spectrum of God is composed of waves of different lengths and frequencies, with the concentration of these waves forming matter. The BaNtu Theory not only encompasses scientific aspects but also delves into the importance of spirituality, interwoven with the geometric essence of the universe.

Primordial Thwa: The Geometric Foundation

The BaNtu Theory of Everything asserts that the original theorem of Creation comes from the primordial Thwa, which geometrically explains Atum rising from the roaring water waves of Nu. Nu is a word that exists today in Africa across various Thwa and BaNtu communities. The term “Nu-bia” refers to a civilization that called themselves the people of Nu. The BaNtu people are the geometric descendants of Thwa, and this ancient knowledge forms the foundation of the theory.

Matter: Concentration of Waves

According to the BaNtu Theory of Everything, the concentration of waves in the universal force-field creates matter. When N=0, this is the beginning of creation; when N=1, this represents the concentration of waves that form matter, which is explained through the Theory of Relativity.

The Role of Wisdom and Respect for Elders

In African philosophy, respecting elders has a scientific basis. Wisdom is acquired through experience, and those who are older possess a unique snapshot of universal experience that younger individuals can only learn through the eyes of their elders. This wisdom connects them to the geometric reality of the universe.

The Universe: A Geometric Force-Field

The universe is described as a vast geometric space full of motion, and motion can only occur if there is a force. Consequently, the universe can be characterized as a large force-field, encompassing all that exists.

Newton’s Connection to Spirituality and Khemistry

Sir Isaac Newton’s understanding of spirituality, never before seen in Europe, led to his ordination as the minister of the Church of England. Newton acquired this knowledge by studying Khemistry, the black magic. Europe gained a leading role in scientific discoveries due to Newton’s ability to explain one of the fundamental forces of the universe: gravity.

The Shabaka Stone and African Knowledge

The Shabaka Stone and the African Calendar are foundational elements of GAGUT, a geometric theorem that is being heavily researched by the German Federal armed forces. GAGUT, which has led to the recognition of Proff Gabriel Oyibo as the greatest mathematician of all time, repositions the scientific achievements of Newton, Einstein, Gauss, Maxwell etc, in a broader context, as just mere toddlers.

Gij,j=0: Direct Connection to Reality

Understanding Gij,j=0 enables one to bypass traditional academic institutions and connect directly to reality, thereby experiencing the force-fields as they are. This understanding infinitely builds wisdom in hyperscale.

The African Model: A Geometric Perspective

The periodic table of elements, a European attempt to describe the material universe, is challenged by GAGUT. Ancient Africans explained that Atum, Umvelinqangi, is the building block of the material universe, modeled as a hydrogen atom with one proton, one electron, and one neutron.

This African model is geometrically precise and provides a more comprehensive understanding of the material universe. The hydrogen atom serves as the foundation for all other elements, with helium formed by the fusion of two hydrogen atoms, and so forth. By embracing this African model, we can gain a clearer insight into the nature of the material universe, as our ancient African ancestors did.

Melanin, Spirituality, and the Brain

The BaNtu Theory of Everything emphasizes the importance of spirituality, which is mathematically represented as waves. The brain, akin to a transmitter or a cellphone, requires activation through spirituality to fully function.

Melanin plays a crucial role in this process, as it fundamentally absorbs waves, or spirit. When these waves are absorbed, they are converted into knowledge that we can perceive and experience. Individuals with less melanin reflect the waves, absorbing only the bare minimum, which is then expressed through various systems of destruction, such as colonialism, banking, religion, and wars.

The BaNtu Theory of Everything offers a unique and geometrically precise perspective on the interconnectedness of spirituality, waves, and matter in the universe. By examining the African roots of these concepts and embracing the wisdom of our ancestors, we can gain a deeper understanding of the material and spiritual realms. Furthermore, acknowledging the power of melanin in absorbing spiritual energy allows us to recognize our innate potential for knowledge and wisdom. The BaNtu Theory of Everything serves as an essential reminder that there is much to learn from ancient African knowledge and that by reclaiming our heritage, we can unlock the truth about the universe and our place within it.

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