Shocking Truth: How the Tower of Babel Story Manipulates Us into Division and Chaos!

Unraveling the Tower of Babel Allegory

The story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible is often viewed as an allegory, highlighting the human desire for unity and the consequences of pride. Interestingly, this narrative also reveals the true intentions of the authors and the nature of the character named God in the Bible: to prevent and destroy unity among people, keeping them divided and unable to reach their full potential. For many years, this story has been taught as a historical event that took place in the land of Shinar (modern-day Iraq), contributing to mental psychosis, crime, racism, and more. This article delves into the implications of the Tower of Babel story on societies, with a special focus on Africa.

The bible: Ideological Subversion, Last Warning to Africa

The Tower of Babel: A Tool for Division

The Tower of Babel’s allegory has been used as a means to divide people and create boundaries among nations. By presenting a narrative where God deliberately confuses language to prevent humans from achieving greatness, the Bible sends a clear message that unity is inherently dangerous. This mindset has, over time, fostered divisiveness, mistrust, and even hostility between different groups.

The Impact on Africa: A Lost Unity

Africa, once known for its first-world civilizations and architectural marvels like the Pyramids, Walls of Benin, and Mapungubwe Empire, has suffered significant setbacks due to the introduction of the Bible and the Tower of Babel story. The African people, who were once united in building megastructures, were destabilised and halted by the religious narrative that encouraged division and discord.

Mental Psychosis and Societal Breakdown

As the Tower of Babel story was taught as a historical event, it seeped into the collective consciousness and played a role in shaping societies. The belief that unity was inherently dangerous led to an increase in mental psychosis, crime, and racism, as people became more focused on their differences rather than their shared goals and aspirations. The narrative’s divisive nature has had a lasting impact on global societies, perpetuating a cycle of distrust and conflict.

The Lingering Effects of Divide and Conquer

The Tower of Babel story, while allegorical, has had tangible consequences for people throughout history. The authors of the Bible used this narrative to enforce the notion that unity is a threat, and that God favours division. This has resulted in a world where people are constantly at odds, struggling to overcome the barriers set in place by this ancient tale. It is essential to recognise the power that stories and beliefs have in shaping our world and to critically examine the narratives we hold as truth.

Reexamining the Tower of Babel The Tower of Babel allegory serves as a stark reminder of the potential damage that can be done through the manipulation of beliefs and narratives. By understanding the implications of this story, we can work towards breaking free from the limitations it imposes and seek unity in the face of adversity. It is through reexamining stories like the Tower of Babel that we can challenge the status quo and build a more unified and compassionate world.

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