Mkhulu Credo MuTwa: What is uMantindane?

This creature stands about three feet tall, bearing an uncanny resemblance to a child in the final stages of dying from malnutrition. It emanates a peculiar odor, one that, once encountered, can never be forgotten. Known to the Zulu-speaking people of South Africa as the Mantindane, the name derives from the verb “tinda,” which means to abuse, fiddle with, and torture by interfering with the victim’s genitals and other private parts. This chilling appellation perfectly describes the creature’s actions.

For centuries, even mighty nations such as the Zulus, as well as powerful warrior nations like the Botswanas, have lived in mortal fear of these beings. After several years of experience, I have come to the following conclusion: these Mantindane creatures do not hail from any star or star system in space. Instead, I believe they come from our future.

My reasoning lies in their appearance. When they arrive on Earth, they are entirely encased in a helmet and suit made of what appears to be flexible metal. Their hands, feet, and head are entirely protected against our planet’s atmosphere. In contrast, Mantindanes have often been spotted in the open, their heads and hands exposed to the earthly elements, as if completely at home in our world. It is a world filled with poisonous substances, yet they wander through it as though they own it, their heads and hands entirely uncovered, when logic would dictate they should be fully protected.

Furthermore, these creatures can impregnate human women and seek fluids and flesh from us. If they were truly a species from some distant planet, they would not be capable of such actions. They would not be able to impregnate our women or do what they are doing to us. I am convinced these beings are our descendants. When you have been tormented by them, you will understand that their actions are driven by angry consciences. They are exacting revenge upon us for the damage we have wrought upon our future, thousands of years from now. Everything that has happened to me since that fateful day only serves to confirm that these beings are our descendants, not aliens from some distant world.

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