The Pervasive Influence of Credo Mutwa in Resurgence of African Spirituality: An Insightful Analysis of Google Trends


This paper critically assesses the transformative role of Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa in the resurgence of African spirituality, primarily in South Africa and across the globe. The assessment is based on an analysis of Google Trends data related explicitly to searches for “Credo Mutwa” and its derivatives. Our findings challenge the narrative that African liberation requires a biblical base or the inclusion of Western ideologies, emphasizing the profound impact of Mutwa’s teachings, as reflected in the burgeoning digital and traditional art landscapes.

Mkhulu Credo Mutwa Vusamazulu


The influential work of Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, a South African Sangoma and prolific author, has been a significant catalyst in the revival of African spirituality. Mutwa’s teachings have given birth to The Great Empire of Kemet under Mkhulu Nsingiza’s leadership. Using Google Trends data, this paper seeks to quantify Mutwa’s work’s global impact and challenge claims concerning Western influence in African liberation.

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II. Methodology

We utilize an analytical approach based on Google Trends data, reflecting the global search volume specifically for “Credo Mutwa” and related terms from 2010 to 2023. The trend values, ranging from 3,000 to 600,000, offer a quantitative measure of the growing global interest.

III. Results and Discussion

The Google Trends data shows a steady rise in global searches for “Credo Mutwa” and associated terms, marking an increase from 3,000 in 2010 to 600,000 in 2023. This sharp increase signifies a deepening global interest in African spirituality. The success of The Great Empire of Kemet and its focus on Inzalo Yelanga (Adam’s Calendar) is a testament to Mutwa’s teachings’ efficacy, particularly among younger generations.

IV. Normalizing Truth and Disputing Western Narratives

Under Mkhulu Nsingiza’s guidance, the truths about Credo Mutwa have been normalized, effectively dismissing the inaccuracies posited by individuals such as Helen Zille. This process culminated in a traditional apology made by the 1976 youth, including Andile Mgxithama, in Mutwa’s village of Khaya Le Ndaba, signifying a retraction of previous misinterpretations.

The rising interest in Mutwa’s teachings disputes the argument that African liberation necessitates a blend of Western religious beliefs. The Google Trends data suggests that African spirituality, devoid of Western influences, resonates strongly with people, negating the need for “a pinch of Western lies.”

V. The African Reset

Digital and Traditional Art Inspired by Mutwa: A noteworthy outcome of Mutwa’s influence is the upsurge in traditional and digital art inspired by his teachings, suggesting an ‘African Reset’ in the art world. This shift suggests an emancipatory move away from the lingering influence of the Roman Empire on Africa, further reinforcing the impact of Mutwa’s teachings.

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VI. The Resilient Legacy of Credo Mutwa

It is critical to underscore the success of Credo Mutwa’s influence, which has been achieved despite the systemic marginalization by mainstream Western platforms that predominantly shape African discourse. Mutwa’s teachings have transcended these barriers, gaining resonance within and beyond Africa, validating his commitment to restoring African spiritual consciousness. His pioneering work, despite these significant hurdles, further bolsters his standing as a stalwart in the realm of African spirituality. It is his indomitable spirit, steadfastness, and the timeless wisdom encapsulated in his teachings that assure us that Mutwa’s work will endure, a testament to the timeless vitality of African spirituality. This endurance, marked by an increasing global interest in his work and a substantial influence on the artistic landscape, serves as a beacon of hope and a symbol of the enduring power of authentic African spiritual heritage.

Closing remarks

Credo Mutwa’s profound teachings have instigated a significant revival in African spirituality, demonstrated by the rising global interest in his work, the influence on traditional and digital art, and the success of The Great Empire of Kemet. Google Trends data defies the assertion that African liberation necessitates Western or biblical narratives. Mutwa’s enduring legacy, achieved amidst systemic challenges, is a testament to the resilience and vitality of African spirituality.


The authors express their gratitude to those who honor and propagate the teachings of Credo Mutwa, contributing to the resurgence and preservation of African spirituality.

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