Greek Mother Circe, Mother Church?

Belief systems play a significant role in shaping our worldview and guiding our actions. However, many of us adopt beliefs without fully understanding their origins or meanings. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the importance of doing our homework and decoding the messages conveyed by those who run the world from behind the curtains.

One classic example is the term “chief cornerstone.” To fully grasp its meaning, we must explore its origins and context. Similarly, the word “church” is often used without comprehending its roots. It originates from the Scottish word “Kirke,” which is equivalent to “Church” in English and is derived from a Greek goddess known as Mother Circe.

Mother Circe, according to Greek mythology, had the power to mesmerize people with her sorcery and bring them to her house, where she would strip them of their intellect and thoughts, converting them into animals that she would subsequently consume. This symbolism has parallels with how the church operates, bringing people in and stripping them of their natural ability to think, living off them in a parasitic manner.

The same individuals who gave us the Illuminati, international banking cartels, and corrupt governmental systems also established the church as a corporate entity in Europe. Once we understand the meaning behind the symbols, we can see that the organised western religion is not conveying the message that we think it does.

It is imperative that we do our homework and delve deeper into the meanings of the words we use and the beliefs we hold. By deciphering the codes, we can uncover the true intentions and messages conveyed by those who run the world from behind the curtains.

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