Dj Black Coffee Tells MACG on Why He Doesn’t Play Amapiano

Amapiano is a genre that has gained significant popularity in South Africa over the last few years. It originated in the townships of Gauteng and has spread across the country, becoming a mainstream genre in the music industry. Despite its popularity, Dj Black Coffee stated that he doesn’t play Amapiano in his sets, and this has caused some controversy and debate among his fans and followers.

Why Dj Black Coffee Doesn’t Play Amapiano?

During the MACG podcast interview, Dj Black Coffee explained that he prefers to stick to his roots, which is House music. He started his career as a House DJ, and he has stayed true to his genre ever since. He believes that as a DJ, it is crucial to have a unique sound and style that sets you apart from other DJs. According to him, Amapiano is not a genre he identifies with, and he feels that it is too similar to other genres such as Gqom and Kwaito. He believes that the lack of originality in Amapiano is a significant issue, and this makes it hard for him to incorporate it into his sets.

Dj Black Coffee further stated that Amapiano has become too mainstream, and he prefers to focus on genres that are not as popular. He believes that this allows him to be more creative and innovative with his music choices. He explained that his passion for music comes from the ability to create something unique and different, and Amapiano doesn’t fit into that creative space for him.

Dj Black Coffee made it known that he does not incorporate Amapiano into his performance sets. However, he acknowledged the genre’s artistic worth and confessed his personal enjoyment of it. During an interview with MACG, he extolled the ingenuity and originality that is required to create Amapiano music. He also lauded its ability to bring together individuals from divergent backgrounds and establish a shared sense of community through the art form. While his inclination towards House music remains steadfast, Dj Black Coffee evidently holds Amapiano in high regard and recognizes its significance within the music industry.

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