DJ Sbu Fires Back at Sizwe Dhlomo’s disrespect

People have been asking me about what Sizwe Dhlomo said about me. I’ve got nothing against him; I love him as my brother. He’s done really well for himself, but since he’s an employee, you know what I mean, he and I are different. I’m a hustler who likes to build things, so when you have an opinion about a hustler, you might not understand how they move. When you’re an employer and you’re getting a big check, a sizable paycheck at the end of every month, you’ll have your opinions, and you’re entitled to them. I don’t have any issues with anyone, nor do I have any beef against anyone. I respect and love everyone, and once again, I love Sizwe. He knows that from when he started in the game, he found me in the game too.

Embracing the Hustler’s Journey

People like Sizwe usually just ignore those on different paths, like me, because they don’t understand the same journey I’m on. He’s probably a hustler as well and is doing well, and I love the brother. I appreciate what he’s done with his career and for himself. But whatever he comments, it does nothing to a person like me. I’m a hustler, I’m building big things. I’m here to change the country, to change how people see generational wealth, how they think of ownership, and how they think of Black people. We’re building our own things now, proud of who we are, building our own brands, and changing the upcoming generations. That is my path, and that’s the journey I’ve been on over the past decade. I’ve inspired all of you guys to start your businesses, to push forward, and to own your things at the detriment of my own career and reputation.

Dj Sbu’s Unwavering Dedication to a Generational Mission and Embracing Inspiration from Critics

I’ve been dragged, laughed at, and spoken about all the time, so any comment anyone might have about me, whether it’s ridiculing or criticising me, I don’t care. I love all of you guys, and that’s how I’ve always been. I vibrate high, and I push positive energy. So, I love Sizwe, and I’ve got nothing bad to say about him. He and I are different people, working on different paths. I’m on a generational mission; my name will forever be spoken about in this country. When people come across my work in their street corner, ghetto, or rural community, they’ll remember me. I’ve changed an entire generation, and I’m going to leave a significant legacy. I’ll never be forgotten, and I’m in the history books forever. People like Sizwe, you know what I mean, they inspire me to do even more because they’re just talkers on social media, just like many others. After this video, they’ll continue to talk, and I’ll just ignore it.

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