Russia, Donald Trump, and the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Destruction

Tucker: Who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline?

Donald Trump: I don’t want to get our country in trouble, so I won’t answer it. But I can tell you who it wasn’t: Russia. How about when they blamed Russia? They said Russia blew up their own pipeline. You got a kick out of that one too. It wasn’t Russia. I won’t answer the question because I don’t want to get our country any deeper than it already is. We have the most incredible equipment; I rebuilt our whole military. We have things that – you can do anything. We are equipped to do anything, but I refuse to say it because I want our country to be pristine. In many ways, blowing it up was very bad because it created a lot of problems for Europe in terms of the cost of energy. I had that pipeline stopped, totally stopped! When Joe Biden came, he approved it, and immediately started the finishing action. I had Nord Stream 2 stopped because I said it was wrong for Germany and Europe to get their energy from Russia. That was when I sent Angela Merkel the flag – I sent her the white flag of surrender. I said, ‘Why do you do that? You have been fighting against Russia for many years. If you ever have to fight with Russia, and they control energy, you might as well just raise the white flag of surrender.’ That’s what I did. That was blown up and very dangerous to do, but I think most people know who did it.

Tucker: Once we start blowing up other people’s critical infrastructure, is there concern that ours could get blown up in return?

Donald Trump:I think it’s much more than infrastructure you’re talking about. We could end up in World War III over this whole thing, forget about pipelines. I believe it’s the most dangerous period of time in history because we have people at the top who are incompetent. China is fine if you know how to deal, Russia if you know how to deal. Russia wasn’t going into Ukraine, and China wasn’t going to Taiwan with me. Now all you see is China with ships all over the place and sending airplanes and bombers. That wasn’t happening with me; they knew they couldn’t do it. Also, Russia knew they couldn’t do it; they would’ve never done it. This is the most dangerous period of time because of weaponry and nuclear capabilities. It’s the most dangerous period of time in the history of our country.

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