Why Goku Would Obliterate Naruto With Absolutely No Difficulty

The Naruto vs Goku Debate: Who Would Win in a Hypothetical Battle?

Naruto can be summed up with a few statements and feats, but for this article, we’re going to highball Naruto to his peak maximum and lowball Goku to the extreme. This is just so that we can prove without a shadow of a doubt that Goku wins.

The Case for Narutos’s Superiority: Feats and Evidence

Naruto in his utmost wanked state can be translated to universal using statements, scans, and anime scenes. For example, Madara says his Susano can smash all things in the universe, Kurama states the Ten Tails as infinite energy, Momoshiki says he can create an attack until infinity, Kaguya being stated to be able to destroy the world, Kinshiki has also been stated to split worlds. Kinshiki and Momoshiki also have the ability to travel through dimensions, including Kaguya’s dimension, which by the way was the size of a planet.

Mind you, the kanji for “world” in Japanese can be interpreted as “star” and/or “universe,” so here we have some solid universal wank, and we’re just going to pour it all over six-paths Naruto since he’s comparable in raw energy and attack potency to the others listed here. Now normally authors would use different wording for “universal,” but here we are going for peak efficiency. Kaguya was going to destroy her single universal time-space, which has linked pocket dimensions. We’ll say that Kaguya and Naruto are both fourth-dimensional, which is just a fan’s way of allowing different characters who have not or wouldn’t be able to fight.

Destroying an infinite time-space cannot be done with any finite level of third-dimensional power, which we’re applying to Naruto. Considering Kaguya’s attack was expanding at a level fast enough to engulf an infinite dimension, which Naruto and team Seven were able to react to, said ball and tickle, Kaguya was thinking defeating her before the true seeking orb could even reach them. By this alone, you could deduce that they, in fact, have infinite speed as well since they outran a ball expanding at an infinite speed.

The Case for Goku’s Superiority: Feats and Evidence

Moving on to Goku, as a Super Saiyan God, he was going to annihilate various infinite universal size realms just by clanging fists with Beerus, the God of Destruction. This level of infinity is established by a statement in the Daisen Shu anime and manga. Goku gets thousands of times stronger after absorbing the power of Super Saiyan God as his base level of power. He then stacks ridiculous forms on top of the base form. However we don’t give Goku the same courtesy as Naruto. So this bit for Goku is only finite universal, since this universe can be traversed and destroyed by finite beings.

Kaguya is still performing an infinite fourth-dimensional time-space feat. Taking statements away from Goku, we arrive at the Tournament of Power. In his Ultra Instinct form, Goku surpasses the Super Spirit Bomb and pushes Jiren, who was stated to be the most powerful adversary Goku and the gang have ever faced, despite the fact he’s faced infinite Zamasu, who fused with the universe’s time-space itself and was going to consume the Dragon Ball multiverse.

The initial Ultra Instinct Omen Goku then proceeds to shake an infinite structure known as the World of Void, which sets the same level of fourth-dimensional tiering that we gave Kaguya. Goku is casually on the same level with Kaguya, who used prep in a time frame to achieve the same feat Goku could perform instantaneously by merely existing. Goku proceeds to receive an astronomical amount of Zenkais from Omen, surpassing his previous limits many times over until he reaches Mastered Ultra Instinct. By default, Kaguya and others are only 4D with time, while Goku is 4D casually. He’s stronger and would slap Naruto into oblivion.

The Limits of Interpretation: Separating Fact from Fiction in the Naruto Universe

It’s not as if Naruto was the same level as the expansion Tracy Norm to begin with; he had to work around it with Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sakura. So even wanked Naruto is more like universal, whereas Goku is pre-functionally universal and beyond in normal cases with people who aren’t jerking Naruto into omnipotence somehow. Naruto is a level of finite 3D strength, while Whis Goku is actually on the level of infinity. A priori proving Naruto is a finite level is fairly easy, as of course, Eight Gates Guy was capable of slamming around Ten-Tails Moderate, which Jubi Dara scales quite highly in tandem to the Six Paths characters who we said were a level of infinity.

The reason this is relevant is due to the fact that the Eighth Gate is stated to be hundreds of times more powerful than any of the Kage prior to Naruto. Even non-Six Paths ninja are able to prove useful in many combat situations within the series. The disparity and power between the two is undoubtedly staggering. So much so that Goku could gaze upon Naruto and kill him with a key eye attack. This is not hyperbole, this is not bandwagon, this is verity. Goku wins no difficulty.

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