Great empire of Kemet: 5 Reasons Why it Holds the Key to Our Future Civilization

The Great Empire of Kemet is more than just a historical civilization. It is a movement that seeks to restore unity amongst Africans and the various kingdoms of the African continent. The word Kemet, which means black, also refers to the land of black people. The ancient Empire of Kemet was one of the greatest empires in the world, credited for bringing civilization to the world. In fact, western civilization’s foundation can be traced back to these African royals. The influence of Kemet extended as far as India, China, Europe, and America. Today, the Great Empire of Kemet has been revived as a movement to restore African unity and showcase the greatness of the continent. This movement is the implementation arm of the Zindzi Mandela Foundation, with Mkhulu Nsingiza as the CEO.

Under the capable leadership of Mkhulu Nsingiza, the Great Empire of Kemet movement has expanded its reach to the global stage, making a significant impact in South Africa and beyond. The Zindzi Mandela Foundation, through the Great Empire of Kemet, has been at the forefront of promoting unity amongst Africans and showcasing the greatness of the African continent. The movement has worked tirelessly to restore the pride and dignity of African people and bring about positive change in the world. With a focus on true African Culture and Spirituality, sustainability, and innovation, the Great Empire of Kemet movement is paving the way for a brighter future for Africa and the world. Through various initiatives and programs, the foundation is empowering African minds, promoting education and entrepreneurship.

Let us dive into these 5 important points

The Great Empire of Kemet is not a cult

One of the key reasons why the Great Empire of Kemet holds the key to our future civilization is because it is not a cult. In Africa, there were no cults before invasions. Instead, the concept of Maat or UbuNtu was at the center of everything. Maat or UbuNtu refers to the ancient Kemet principle of truth, justice, balance, and order. These concepts emphasize the importance of community and unity, which are critical for building a sustainable and just society. By promoting these principles, the Great Empire of Kemet movement is setting the stage for a future civilisation that is based on cooperation, nature, and equity, rather than individualism and greed. The Great Empire of Kemet movement is able to foster a sense of belonging and purpose among its members, without resorting to the coercive tactics often used by cults. This is an important distinction because it allows the movement to operate in a way that is sustainable and beneficial to society as a whole. The Great Empire of Kemet movement serves as an example of how an organisation can promote positive change without resorting to cult-like behavior. This is why the Great Empire of Kemet movement is so important, not just for Africa, but for the world as a whole.

Relying on the original human Philosophy, The African Philosophy

Another key element that makes the Great Empire of Kemet the future of human civilization is its promotion of African philosophy, which is rooted in nature and the concept of IsiNtu. This philosophy places a strong emphasis on reading, research, and understanding of reality. By studying and appreciating the natural world, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe. This philosophy also emphasizes the interconnectedness of all things, which is critical for building a sustainable and just society. By promoting African philosophy, the Great Empire of Kemet movement is not only preserving a rich cultural heritage, but also providing a roadmap for the future. By embracing the wisdom of the past, we can create a more enlightened and compassionate future, where all beings are respected and valued.

The use of African Languages

The Great Empire of Kemet movement is committed to using the natural language of AbaNtu as much as possible. This is because the language is the primary tool for understanding our ancestors’ science and philosophy, much of which was stolen and rebranded in foreign languages. By using the natural language of AbaNtu, the movement seeks to reclaim the rich cultural heritage of Africa and promote a deeper understanding of its scientific and philosophical contributions to the world. One book that goes into detail about the plunder of African Philosophy is “Stolen Legacy” by George James. This book highlights the theft of African knowledge and its subsequent rebranding as European or Western ideas. By studying the original African sources in their natural language, we can gain a more accurate understanding of the contributions made by African civilizations to world knowledge. The Great Empire of Kemet movement recognises the importance of language in preserving and promoting African culture, and is committed to using it as much as possible in its activities and teachings.

The truth about women

The Great Empire of Kemet is inspired by the teachings of Baba Credo Muthwa, who emphasized the role and reality of women in African philosophy. With a deep appreciation for the greatness of women, the movement showcases the microcosm of UNomkhubulwane-Auset as women. Using ancient African philosophy that is rooted in nature, the Great Empire of Kemet promotes a positive and accurate view of women. Baba Credo Muthwa was a renowned South African Sanusi who dedicated his life to preserving and promoting African culture and spirituality. He recognized the critical role that women played in African society and emphasised the importance of acknowledging and honouring their contributions. The Great Empire of Kemet movement is proud to continue his legacy by elevating the status of women in African society through showcasing their true greatness. By using ancient African philosophy, the movement is able to promote a more accurate and positive view of women that is grounded in reality and nature. This is a crucial step towards building a more equitable society where everyone is respected and valued for their contributions.

Ahh Nomkhubulwane

Ahh NzalabaNtu

The African/Kemet Calendar

The Great Empire of Kemet movement has made a mammoth contribution to the African people through the resurrection of the African Calendar, which is the mother of all calendar systems in the world. By aligning humans with the natural flow of energy, the movement has managed to undo the ideological subversion brought about by unnatural foreign human philosophies. Under the leadership of the great Mkhulu Nsingiza, the movement has brought hope to millions of Africans by consciously connecting them with the movement of the sun, uMvelinqangi, Ramasedi. The power of the African Calendar lies in its ability to fire up an individual’s innate abilities and talents, unleashing their full potential. Through the four cardinal events that occur each year, the African Calendar brings all Africans together, promoting unity and a sense of community. It cannot be overstated how crucial this resurrection is to the African people, as it aligns them with their ancestral heritage and promotes a more sustainable and just society. We give praise to Gogo Zindzi Mandela for her role in bringing back this ancestral science, and we hope that the great Nomkhubulwane continues to bless and multiply her presence on earth. By resurrecting the African Calendar, the movement has given the African people the power to reclaim their cultural heritage and shape a brighter future for generations to come.

The Great Empire of Kemet movement is a beacon of hope for Africans and the world. It promotes African philosophy, culture, and spirituality, creating a path for a fair and just society. The African Calendar, which has been brought back to life by the movement, is a powerful tool that aligns individuals with nature and unleashes their innate abilities. The movement has a strong commitment to African heritage and spirituality, and it anticipates the opening of the Kemet University of Truth, which was a dream of Baba Credo Muthwa. This university will provide a unique platform for promoting African knowledge, culture, and spirituality, and it will empower African people to lead the way in innovation and leadership. Together, the Great Empire of Kemet movement and Kemet University of Truth are paving the way for a brighter future for all people

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