Yaldabaoth aka Jehova-Yahweh the Hebrew dragon entity of homosexuality 


Yahweh, or YHWH, was the national god of the kingdoms of Israel (Samaria) and Judah, with origins reaching at least to the early Iron Age and apparently to the Late Bronze Age.

Yahweh is also the personal name of God in the Hebrew Bible and an avatar He assumed to which the original God that Yahweh separated from is known as El. Interestingly, this avatar of Yahweh acts as the stereotypical depiction of a dragon in where he devours livestock, edible sacrifices like virgin women, resides in mountains, and emphasizes the preciousness of copper.

When Yahweh ordered Moses to create an idol it involved the crafting of a serpent made of copper intertwined around a wooden pole. This idol, known as Nehushtan, is the only idol that Yahweh ever permitted and thus could imply that the idol was a likeness of his own.

In ancient Israel, Yahweh may have been seen as a beast with many draconic features and these features in general have even been described in many verses throughout the Old Testament. One example is Yahweh explaining that a fire is kindled within his nostrils that will burn through the lowest Hell and it shall consume the Earth with its increase and set ablaze the foundations of the mountains. In Psalms, it describes Yahweh as having smoke going up from his nostrils and devouring fire from out of his mouth.

Yaldabaoth, is a figure that primarily appears in Gnostic texts, a set of religious ideas that arose in the early Christian era. In some Gnostic systems, Yaldabaoth is often depicted as a “demiurge” – a lesser divine being or artisan that creates the material world. This demiurge is sometimes depicted as ignorant or malevolent, creating a flawed material world and claiming to be the true God.

Evidence of the spirit of homosexuality and Jehova

An independent commission established by the Bishops’ Conference of France unveiled a report on October 3, 2021. The report indicated that among the 115,000 Catholic priests and other religious figures who have served in France since the 1950s, approximately 3,000 were identified as perpetrators of sexual abuse. The study further estimated that between 1950 and 2020, about 216,000 children suffered abuse at the hands of Catholic priests. When including other employees of the Catholic Church, the estimated number of victims increases to around 330,000. It’s important to note that approximately 80% of these victims were boys.

Evidently, there appears to be a tangible correlation between Yahweh and instances of homosexual abuse. If a comprehensive global study could be conducted, it would likely reveal that Jehova significantly exacerbates the prevalence of same-sex sexual abuse. As the head of Christianity, the Catholic Church plays a central role in this discussion as it also still conducts all sacred christian rituals which makes all the Christian religion spirits to prevale.

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According to certain theories involving the Freemasons, it is suggested that Freemason believe that same-sex relations might bring about enlightenment and power. These theorists posit that such relationships are particularly favoured by Yaldabaoth (Saturn, Shabbat), an entity known publicly as Jehova. This rebranding of Yaldabaoth was done by the Roman Empire, British Catholic empire. (1500s).

Jehova-Yahweh-Yaldabaoth the curse of Africa

The advent and subsequent normalization of Jehovah’s worship in Africa, some argue, has engendered a profound transformation in the continent’s spiritual landscape. This process, critics contend, has eroded the African soul, displacing indigenous spiritual traditions, namely uBuntu and Maat, that once thrived. To truly comprehend the nature of Jehovah, a thorough examination of various Semitic cultures, including Hebrew and Canaanite societies, is essential. Moreover, a study of Greek, Roman, and Catholic religious histories can provide invaluable insights into the complex character and influence of this deity.

Regrettably, many African religious leaders, often with limited knowledge beyond the contents of the Bible, have promulgated its narratives without a nuanced understanding of their cultural and historical contexts. This practice has contributed to the marginalization and near-extinction of indigenous spiritual beliefs, exacerbating the spiritual dislocation many Africans feel.

Today, some believe that Africa lies shadowed and vulnerable, its former glory obscured. As the West continues to exploit the continent for its abundant natural resources, critics argue that this cultural and spiritual disenfranchisement further compounds Africa’s socio-economic challenges. The situation begs for a re-evaluation and complete disposing off the diety known as Yahweh/ Jehova.

Why do African communities continue to stake their spiritual and existential realities on the historical narratives and belief systems rooted in White culture?

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  2. This is a very powerful & informative piece. It’s the first time to read a piece about this diabolical entity who has possessed many of our people on the continent as if they’re under a spell💯 I love the topics you explore👍🏾 A very timely publication🔥

  3. This is informative and i need to know more of the truth than the lies i inated about western religion that mislead us

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