Dr Umar Johnson: Jesus money

Even though the chicken wings weren’t particularly good, at least there was something to show for the money spent. But when you put your money in the church bucket, what do you get in return? Hope for a future after death? In my opinion, if I have to die to experience heaven, I don’t need that religion. Anyone who tells me that I should be content with accepting hell on earth when others enjoy their own versions of heaven is peddling a belief I don’t need – a belief that only serves to perpetuate servitude.

We must hold the black church accountable and ask what they are doing with their congregation’s money. Allow me to enlighten you on what they’ve done with those funds. Every black church in America has its money in a white bank, and it’s these very banks that are funding the gentrification and ethnic cleansing movements. Every Sunday, three million dollars are collected in church coffers, and that money is deposited into a white bank. Then, on Monday, these banks take that money – three million of black people’s hard-earned funds – and give loans to white land developers, businesses, and entrepreneurs. These individuals come into the very ghettos where the churches are located, buy up all the property, and force elderly residents, like grandmothers, out onto the streets, homeless.

Consider the case of a grandmother who has attended that church for 30 years, faithfully donating $50 every Sunday. It’s a bitter pill to swallow when she is forced to confront the reality that it was her own contributions – her “Jesus money” – that ultimately led to her eviction and life on the streets.

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