MACG Admits to Editing Out Disrespectful Remarks towards DJ Black Coffee

MACG is a popular YouTube content creator based in South Africa. The Podcast and Chill Show is one of the channel’s most popular features, where MACG and his co-hosts discuss various topics related to music and entertainment. The channel has gained a large following over the years due to its entertaining content and high-profile celebrity guests.

In a recent episode of The Podcast and Chill Show featuring DJ Black Coffee, MACG admitted to editing out disrespectful remarks made in previous episodes towards the artist. The duo had previously dissed DJ Black Coffee’s arm as per MACG.

MACG explained that he and his co-hosts realised the severity of their comments towards DJ Black Coffee and decided to edit them out before releasing the episode. They did not want to cause further  controversy before Black Coffee’s own episode with Podcast and Chill, and believed that editing the episode was the right thing to do.

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