Mkhulu Wamaqiniso: The Wise Old Man of Truth from KZN

South Africa is a country rich in cultural diversity, and the traditional African beliefs and practices are an essential aspect of the country’s heritage. Among these cultural practices are the ancient beliefs of the sacred people of AbaNgoni. Mkhulu Wamaqiniso, a wise old man from KwaZulu-Natal, was one of the few individuals who dedicated his life to preserving these beliefs and values and challenging the domination of the Bible using the Bantu native language of Zulu.

Who was Mkhulu Wamaqiniso?

Mkhulu Wamaqiniso was a traditional African man from the sacred people of Sibiya. He was known for his vast knowledge of traditional African beliefs and practices and understanding of reality, which he shared with those who were willing to listen. Mkhulu Wamaqiniso was an excellent storyteller and a fluent speaker of the Zulu language. He was known for his sense of humor and his ability to use natural reasoning to isolate all western propaganda.

Mkhulu Wamaqiniso’s mission

Mkhulu Wamaqiniso’s mission was to challenge the domination of the Bible in South Africa and to promote the use of the Bantu Unity of Truth. He disputed Jesus as the King of South Africa, stating that there were kings already in this land and Jesus cannot be king when there are native kings already. Mkhulu Wamaqiniso believed that the Bible was being used as a tool to suppress African culture and traditions, and he dedicated his life to breaking this domination. He often mentioned the contraditions in the book which he claimed rendered it useless and full lies.

Mkhulu Wamaqiniso’s teachings

Mkhulu Wamaqiniso’s teachings were based on the traditional African beliefs and practices. He believed that Africans should embrace their culture and traditions and should not allow external forces to dominate their lives. He used natural reasoning to explain his teachings, often using stories and metaphors to illustrate his point. Mkhulu Wamaqiniso taught that Africans should be proud of their heritage and should not be ashamed to practice their traditional beliefs.

Mkhulu Wamaqiniso’s legacy

Mkhulu Wamaqiniso’s legacy is one of promoting African culture and challenging the domination of external forces. His teachings continue to inspire many Africans today, who strive to embrace their culture and traditions. Mkhulu Wamaqiniso’s sense of humor and natural reasoning continue to be an essential aspect of traditional African beliefs and practices. He was a King of Kings, spending time unlocking the fellow Africans’ minds.


If South Africa was a country with an ounce of sanity, Mkhulu Wamaqiniso would have been sponsored by the government to continue teaching and sharing his wisdom with future generations. He deserved to be given the highest honors possible, but unfortunately, the state is compromised and still belongs to British and Christian influences. Despite this, Mkhulu Wamaqiniso’s teachings and legacy live on. His dedication to the preservation of African culture and traditions was admirable, and his understanding continue to inspire many. We say power to Mkhulu Wamaqiniso wherever he may be in the world of our ancestors. The ancestors are undoubtedly proud of him because he embraced truth and fought for the preservation of African culture and traditions.

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  1. May his soul multiply and dominate the unconquerable black minds. May his teachings and belief system continuously torture Christians and their laughable lies. Ngathi ngiyamuzwa esethi “amanga lawo”🤣

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