Top 10 Mysterious Secrets of the Vatican

1. Egyptian Evidence of Aliens: The Tulli Papyrus

The Tulli Papyrus, allegedly discovered by Egyptologist Boris de Rachewiltz, is said to be evidence of alien life. The document details a UFO sighting in ancient Egypt around 1480 BC, with circles of fire, or fiery disks, hovering in the sky. Unfortunately, the original Tulli Papyrus is nowhere to be found, and many believe it’s hidden deep within the Vatican’s secret archives.

2. Illuminati Rituals Within the Vatican

An ex-member of the Illuminati, known as Svali, claimed to have witnessed pagan rituals within the Vatican itself. She alleges that the secret organization has been intertwined with the church for centuries, conducting obscure ceremonies and initiation rituals. However, she has not provided details or names of those involved.

3. The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi

Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican Bank employee, mysteriously vanished in 1983 after attending a flute lesson. Despite alleged sightings, her disappearance remains unsolved. Some theories suggest she was kidnapped by the Vatican police, abused, and murdered, with the crime covered up by the Vatican.

4. The Vatican Secret Archives

The Vatican Secret Archives, with over 53 miles (85 kilometers) of shelving, hold documents from the past 1200 years. Theories about the archives range from extraterrestrial beings in secret vaults to documents disproving the existence of Jesus Christ. The archives contain many historically significant documents, such as Mary Queen of Scots’ letter begging Pope Sixtus V to spare her life.

5. The Murder of Pope John Paul I

Pope John Paul I died unexpectedly just 33 days after becoming the Pope. The inconsistent official story and irregularities in handling his body led to conspiracy theories suggesting he was assassinated, possibly by the Italian mafia, the CIA, or even high-level church officials.

6. Stolen Treasures in the Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums contain a vast collection of artifacts, many of which were taken from indigenous people around the globe during Catholic missionary expeditions. The church has not shown willingness to return these artifacts to their rightful owners.

7. Saint Malachy’s Apocalypse Prophecy

Saint Malachy’s prophecy from the 12th century outlines 112 future popes, with the final one ruling before the end of the world. Pope Francis, the current Pope, is the 112th on this list, leading some to believe we are now living in the end of days.

8. Secret Vatican Manuscript of Murderer-turned-Saint

An 800-year-old parchment in the Vatican Secret Archives tells the story of Laurentius Loricatus, a teenager who accidentally killed a man and then lived in a cave for 34 years, punishing himself for his sin. The villagers who discovered his story petitioned the church for his sainthood.

9. Mysterious Bones Beneath the Vatican

An anonymous tip led investigators to the Vatican’s Teutonic Cemetery, where thousands of mysterious bones were found. While the bones are not connected to any particular case, their presence raises many unanswered questions.

10. The Papal States and Pope Pius IX

Pope Pius IX was the last Pope to rule the Papal States, a series of territories directly governed by the Pope, which covered much of modern-day Italy. His rule and the subsequent loss of these territories during Italy’s unification in 1870 marked the end of an era for the Vatican’s influence over a vast region.

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