Unveiling a New Era of African History: The Completion and Launch of ‘Shining Stars of Africa

Announcing the completion of the book “Shining Stars of Africa: 67 Influential Africans Who Changed the World” is a moment of immense pride and joy. This has been the hardest book to write, not because of the lack of content but because of the abundance of great geniuses that Africa has produced throughout history. But today, we can proudly say that the book is complete and ready to be shared with the world.

The aim of this book is simple yet profound. We want Black Africans to know their history written by them, to understand the pivotal role that they have played in shaping the world, not only by bringing civilization to the world but also in modern times. From the Grand Unified Theorem by Oyibo to other groundbreaking discoveries, Black Africans have made their mark on history and it’s high time we acknowledge that.

This book is going to take over from the British Bible as a true reference of knowledge about Africans. It will help young African children and the youth to know their greatness outside of what is taught in mainstream media and Western education. It’s a tool that aims to empower the African community to embrace their identity, to be proud of their heritage, and to build a better future for themselves and the world.

It’s time to break free from the shackles of ignorance and embrace the truth about our past, present, and future. The book will prove the study by Yale University that found that black people had 9 DNA strands, more than any other race in the world, with the second-best being only 6 DNA strands. This revelation is supported by Dr. Gabriel Oyibo’s Grand Unified Theorem, which Steven Hawking had given up the search for, stating that it was impossible for any creation to have the revelation of GAGUT. But Oyibo proved him wrong, and his discovery is a testament to the brilliance of Black Africans.

The knowledge economy and the Age of Awakening demand that we awaken to the greatness within us. This book is a great tool to guide humanity towards Maat, the Law and order of the Universe. It’s a clarion call to embrace our greatness, to take charge of our destiny, and to shape the future in our image.

This book is not just a compilation of stories of great Black African figures in history. It’s a powerful tool that aims to bring empirical evidence to your fingertips of the significant contributions that Black Africans have made to the advancements of our world. It’s an emotional journey that will fill you with pride and awe as you discover the hidden gems of our history. It’s a critical writing style that will challenge the status quo and question the dominant narrative of Western education. The book’s aim is to empower and inspire a new generation of Black Africans to see themselves in a different light, to embrace their identity and to take their rightful place in the world.

The author of this remarkable book, Nkosinathi Sangweni, is a true scholar of Mkhulu Nsingiza and the African calendar. This is his first-ever publication, and it’s a testament to his dedication and passion for African history and philosophy. As a Principal Software Engineer with vast experience in digital transformation, distributed systems, and cloud technologies, Nkosinathi has a unique perspective on the world. He was influenced by the exposure to African philosophy and realized the African roots within computer science itself, which inspired him to write this book. His emotional connection to his African heritage and his critical thinking skills have combined to create a masterpiece that will inspire and educate generations to come.

Shining Stars of Africa is not just a book, it’s a testament to the resilience, brilliance, and greatness of Black Africans. It’s an emotional journey that will awaken your spirit, challenge your beliefs, and inspire you to reach for the stars. It’s a critical writing style that will not sugarcoat the truth but will speak the truth in love. It’s an English language that will be a source of pride and joy to all who read it. So let’s embrace this book, let’s celebrate our greatness, and let’s create a better future for ourselves and the world.

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