Unveiling the Surprising Story Behind Vegeta and Bulma’s Romance in Dragon Ball Z

While the Dragon Ball Z universe has witnessed numerous bizarre occurrences, the fact that Vegeta and Bulma had a child before Trunks stands out. It is surprising since Vegeta had no inclination towards humanity, and one would have expected Bulma to have a child with someone like Yamcha. Several fan fiction pieces attempt to explain how it happened, but the manga titled “Bulma and Vegeta’s First Kiss” provides the most plausible explanation.

The story begins at the start of the Android Saga, soon after Future Trunks warned everyone about the impending threat of Androids 17 and 18. At that time, Vegeta was not a virtuous character and was only on Earth because of Goku. On the other hand, Bulma was her usual self, and she was with Yamcha in another room. While Yamcha and Bulma were drinking coffee together, Vegeta walked in and rebuked Yamcha for not preparing for the androids, which triggered everything.

Several months later, while training, Vegeta broke the gravity chamber. Dr. Briefs asked Bulma to work on Vegeta’s new set of armor while repairing the chamber, which he would eventually wear during the Cell Saga. One night, Bulma heard a noise coming from the kitchen and found Vegeta munching on some stale toast from the fridge. With the gravity chamber out of commission, there was nothing Vegeta could do to pass the time. Bulma used this opportunity to make him some food, which marked the beginning of their relationship.

Their relationship started when Vegeta almost achieved the Super Saiyan transformation. At the same time, Yamcha drove around the city in his car. Bulma had already broken up with Yamcha since he had been with too many women for her to have a meaningful relationship with him. He ended up going to a payphone in the middle of the night and called her, but she couldn’t hear him due to heavy rain and hung up. Just then, Vegeta arrived after finishing his training.

In this version of the story, Yamcha and Vegeta hated each other more than ever. Yamcha believed he could mess with Vegeta and told him that he was much stronger than before. As he attacked with his Wolf Fang Fist, Vegeta dodged the attack with his super speed and kneed him in the stomach, ending the fight. However, since Vegeta was still not entirely a good person at this point in the series, he decided to blast Yamcha, although it was not a full-powered attack. Right outside Capsule Corp, Vegeta fired an energy blast at Yamcha.

This story reveals that between Yamcha and Vegeta, only someone with a clear goal in mind who would not be distracted from achieving it, had any potential with Bulma.

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