The Fermi Paradox: Where Are the Aliens?

The question of where the aliens are remains one of the most perplexing questions of our time. Given the vast number of planets out there and the fact that the universe is almost 14 billion years old, one would think that aliens would be everywhere. But why aren’t they? It’s a confluence of events that has to happen for us to make contact with intelligent life. Not only does there have to be life that evolves somewhere, but that life has to last for a long time for us to coexist with it.

One possible answer to the question is the Fermi Paradox, which suggests that there are either a lot of aliens or none, and both possibilities are equally terrifying. If there are super intelligent aliens out there, they are probably already observing us, and we’re just not smart enough to realize it. But if they wanted us to know, they could just show up and walk down Main Street or hover over downtown LA.

Even if we assume that there are no aliens, the question remains: why not? Even at a very slow speed, an advanced alien civilization interested in populating the galaxy could blanket the entire galaxy in 100 million years. The fact that they haven’t done so raises many questions and suggests that there might be some natural or man-made disaster that prevented them from doing so.

As of now, there is no direct evidence of alien life, and we have not seen any sign of it. However, there is a high chance of microbial life, and as we get more advanced in life, there is less and less likelihood of sophisticated life. While it’s an interesting topic to consider, the idea of aliens doesn’t occupy my thoughts very often. The focus is more on extending life to another planet, like Mars, as it could make a huge difference to the probable lifespan of human civilization.

In the grand scheme of things, the universe is 13.8 billion years old, and Earth is just 4.5 billion years old. In another half billion years or so, the sun will expand and probably evaporate the oceans, making life impossible on Earth. It means that if it had taken consciousness just a little bit longer to evolve, it would never have evolved at all.

The possibility of extending life to another planet like Mars is like a life insurance policy of life collectively. While there is no evidence of alien life, we should take advantage of the window while it is open and establish life on another planet in the solar system just in case something goes wrong with Earth. Who knows how many dead one planet civilizations there are out there in the cosmos that never made it to another planet and ultimately extinguished themselves or were destroyed by external factors?

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