Top 10 YouTube Secrets Revealed

Discover the top 10 secrets that can help you make the most out of your YouTube experience! From keyboard shortcuts to hidden features, these tips will enhance your video-watching and sharing experience. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Master Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed up your YouTube browsing with these handy shortcuts:

  • K: Pause/Play the video
  • J: Rewind by 10 seconds
  • L: Fast forward by 10 seconds
  • M: Mute/Unmute audio
  • Shift+N: Skip to the next video
  • Shift+P: Go to the previous video
  1. Experience the “Use the Force Luke” Effect

Type “use the force luke” in the YouTube search bar for a unique experience that makes your screen move from side to side and up and down, as if you’re using the Force!

  1. Do the Harlem Shake

Want to see YouTube dance? Type “do the Harlem shake” in the search bar to watch the site perform the iconic dance!

  1. Transform Your YouTube with “Dog Meme”

Type “doge meme” in the search bar to change your YouTube page into a colorful, Doge-themed display.

  1. Enjoy a Netflix-Like Experience with YouTube Leanback

Visit to transform your YouTube page into a Netflix-like interface. Navigate with your keyboard for a more organized, streamlined experience.

  1. Download YouTube Videos

Add “ss” before any YouTube video URL to be redirected to a site where you can download the video for offline viewing or editing.

  1. Create GIFs from YouTube Videos

Add “gif” before any YouTube video URL to access a site that allows you to create GIFs from your favourite moments in the video.

  1. Test Upcoming YouTube Features

Visit to test new features, concepts, and layouts before they’re officially released.

  1. Identify Songs in Videos

Copy and paste a YouTube link into to identify any songs in the video.

  1. Use a Floating YouTube Player

Install a Chrome extension that creates a floating YouTube player, allowing you to watch videos while browsing other sites.

These top 10 YouTube secrets can help you navigate the site more efficiently, enjoy a more personalised experience, and even create and share content more easily. Try them out and let us know which secret you found most useful in the comments section below!

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